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Genetiqe provide online retail training and marketing services across Australia, as well as managing the online presence for a number of online retail stores offering the management of tens of thousands of products from hundreds of major retailers.

Genetiqe offer retail marketing services for online businesses to manage their online presence, including brand management, website maintenance, security and training, and search engine optimisation and performance analysis of clients websites.

Genetiqe also manage a number of our own online retail fashion stores, working with numerous major retail merchants throughout our  online Australia and the USA targeted stores.

Social Shopping Mall

The way we shop online is about to change.

Genetiqe are currently developing and trialling a new era of online shopping, with the world’s first truly integrated social shopping mall.

Creating an online social shopping experience that allows you to shop, share and compare prices online across millions of stores globally, all from one platform.

For traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ businesses without a full e-commerce website, our system allows you to easy create an online store within our mall, where visitors can shop for your products via our GEO-location system, and direct them to your nearest location to their physical address, or even purchase the product through the online mall store, for physical pickup at your location.

Whether you are on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, Genetiqe’s new social shopping mall experience allows a fully integrated social shopping experience.

Genetiqe is currently working on the CRM system which will integrate directly into all our social mall stores, which provides a full stock management system and online marketing tools which will connect with other social networks such as Facebook and Google, allowing customers to manage their own accounts, while our store owners borrow their data to help provide them with the best personal shopping experience imaginable.

The future of shopping and social network shopping experience is coming.


For more information on the our retail services and social shopping mall development, contact us.